Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Visual/Textual Rhetorical Analysis

I looked at the website and had to argue if it was a reliable source and how I knew this. I realized that it is a reliable source because all the information is true and the author is credible.

Photo Essay

I used pictures to tell the story about my cousin, Caroline Farley, who was diagnosed in Juvenile Dermatomyositis in the winter. It went through the story about how she was normal and everything was fine, and then she got very sick. It was an easy topic for me to do because I already  had pictures of her and her illness.

Research Paper

I wrote my research paper on Juvenile Dermatomyositis. Throughout the entire semester I focused all of my projects on this idea, so it made it easy to write about it. I thought that I thoroughly explained what JDM is and how it can affect someones life.

Annotated Bibliography

Through my annotated bibliography I was able to find all my sources for my research paper. Unfortunately, at the beginning me and many of my classmates did not understand what the assignment was about, but after figuring it out it was easy. It also made writing the research paper easier.

Total Reflection

For all of my projects I focused on the topic of Juvenile Dermatomyositis because my cousin was recently diagnosed with the illness. Yes, I am happy with my choice, because I already had background information about my topic. My goals for my research was that I wanted to find reliable sources and to learn more about JDM, and i met my goals. Some interesting facts about my project are that JDM affects 11,000 children in the United States alone. Yes, this kind of project helped me gain a better understanding of my topic. This is because it was a research paper and through the research I learned more information. I had a total of eight sources and I was hard to find some information because JDM is not a common illness. From the research process of this project I learned that it is important to find reliable information. The piece that was the hardest to write was the Photo Essay because we had to have comments about what was happening in the photos. Unfortunately, there was no way for me to create a counter argument against people having JDM. zthe most fun project was the research paper because I got to learn more about JDM. I decided to organize the pieces in the order that they projects were completed. From my peers I learned that there are different way in which people write. Usually, I write about topics about medical things because I am a nursing major, but my classmates wrote about stars and movies too. Some things that I learned to change in my writing is how to make my paragraphs flow better and how to cite sources correctly.

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