Photo Essay

Photo Essay 


 Closing Comments
I followed my original design plan that I was going to use for this essay. I added somethings about how I wanted my readers to feel after viewing my photo essay, and I hope that I accomplished this.

Reference List
Flounder, Charlotte, NC. Personal photography by author 2012.
JDM, Charlotte, NC. Personal photograph by author 2013.
Megan and Caroline, Charlotte, NC. Personal photograph by the author 2013.
 White Christmas, Grand Rapids, MI. Personal photograph by author. 2012.
Caroline Farley was born in April 2000 into a family that was full of dancers and singers. She took dance and singing lessons all throughout her childhood, and was very talented. In 2011 she was at a camp in Florida when someone contacted her and her mother about auditioning for Broadway. They flew to New York and after many different auditions, she got a part in the musical “White Christmas.” They toured all over the United States and it was an awesome opportunity for such a young girl. After the tour, she went back to school in North Carolina and was in many plays at her junior high, including “The Little Mermaid.”

In January 2013 Caroline noticed a rash on her hands, but everyone thought that it was just the dry winter air. It turns out the Caroline has an auto immune disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. It can cause a skin rash and muscle weakness. Caroline was in the hospital for a few weeks and then was put on medication. Unfortunately, she is still weak and dancing is tiring, she can still sing. A lesson that can be learned from Caroline is that we cannot let bad things in life bring us down. We need to get right back up and continue doing what we love. 

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